SHAUN EDWARDS: Rugby needs the Six Nations to lift the doom and gloom

A lot of people are knocking rugby at the moment and it has irritated me a bit.Hopefully, the can really change the mood. It’s great to be involved again. I love it every year.

It’s been a difficult time for the sport lately, but it has given me so much in my life.It’s given me an identity and it’s given me a purpose. So I’ve had enough of the doom and gloom around the game. Nothing is perfect, but I want to send a message out that there are a lot of good things in rugby and a lot of great people.

You don’t meet many people in rugby who you don’t like and the sport has so many positives as well as these negative things that there has been a lot of coverage about.

France will go back to basics in their defence of the Six Nations title this year

Now the Six Nations is back and it excites me as much as ever.What a competition, it’s fabulous.

After Christmas, everyone’s a bit miserable in January, so the Six Nations is something to really look forward to at this time of year.I used to think that even back when I was playing rugby league. It’s a fantastic, national event where every game is more or less a derby. And it’s the competition I’ve always judged myself on because teams get exactly the same preparation time.

This year, it looks wide open. The teams are well-matched and all of world rugby is like that at the moment, with very, very close scores.It’s marvellous for the international game.

With France, we’re trying to defend the title and we have to think like we’re back to square one. We have to go back to the basics of our game and make sure they are right, all over again.

The Six Nations looks wide open this year and there will be no easy matches

You’ve got to remember that some of our guys will have played eight or nine matches for their club since we last played together against Japan in November.They have come back in after months of all playing in different systems, for different coaches. It takes time to gel again, so it’s important to go back to the basics of your scrum, evden eve NAKLiyat lineout, kick-offs and all those key parts of the game.

We have some injuries but I’m confident we will cope.

Fabien Galthie put down a challenge to the backs last week in training. He said: ‘OK, who’s going to replace Jonathan Danty? Who’s going to replace Gabin Villiere?’ Those two guys aren’t just important to our attack, but amazing defensive players, too. It was good to see the way the players reacted in the session after Fabien had challenged them.

They tried to play with the same sort of intensity as those fantastic players who are missing with injury.

Of course, as the defending champions we have a target on our heads now, but that’s something we have to get used to if we want to be at the top.I think this is the first time in history that the teams ranked No 1 and No 2 in the world have been in the Six Nations. That’s fantastic.

Ireland are No 1 at the moment and we are No 2. How much you pay attention to the rankings is your decision but it’s great for the fans.I’ve been lucky enough to be ranked No 1 for a week with Wales and for two weeks with France, but we all know South Africa are the world champions and that’s what really matters.

France will be wary of England as a lot of players have never won a Test at Twickeham

We’ve got Italy first up in Rome.

They won in Cardiff at the end of the last Six Nations, then beat Australia in the autumn which was a famous win for them. In their next game against South Africa, for 50 minutes they were in a tight contest with the world champions, so we have to take Italy very seriously.

It looks like they will be competitive and dangerous.

Next, we’re playing the team ranked No 1 in the world on their own patch in Dublin. Everyone knows that Andy Farrell, Mike Catt and the other coaches there have transformed Ireland into one of the best teams to watch, and their performance stats are off the charts.

They are an incredible attacking force and their defence is absolutely fantastic, too.I think they conceded the fewest points on average in the world last year. So they have great defence aligned with a fantastic attacking game, and they’ve also got steel. Ireland are not the biggest team, but they’re very fit, incredibly mobile and play for the full 80 minutes.

We also have to go to Twickenham and that will be a huge challenge for this French team.I rate Steve Borthwick highly as a coach and England are always very competitive. In all the time I’ve been involved in international rugby, there’s never been an easy match against England.

Coach Andy Farrell has transformed Ireland into one of the best teams to watch

That will continue and eVden EVE NakLiyaT a lot of our players have never won a Test at Twickenham.That’ll be my message to them that day.

My old boss, Warren Gatland, is back in charge of Wales and they start at home against Ireland, which is going to be a rip-roaring game. Whoever wins is going to get momentum. If you liked this posting and you would like to acquire far more information concerning EVDEN EVe NaKliyaT kindly take a look at our own web page. Gats would always say: EVDen eVE NaKLiYAT ‘If we get early momentum in the competition, we can win it.’ And the whole of Wales would get behind them.

I tell the French guys: ‘Forget the Wales you see on the summer tour and in the autumn. The Six Nations is what the emphasis is on in Wales and the whole country comes alive for it.So you have to be ready for a war against them.’

They’re going to be our last match, it’s in Paris, and I know that’s going to be some game.


Stats must support change

In the build-up to this Six Nations, there’s been a lot of talk about lowering the legal tackle height.For me, it’s all about having the data to support what they are doing, like there was for the scrum changes.

We all think scrums go on too long, but there aren’t so many guys having neck or back surgery after they retire, like in the old days.There are statistics to say that what they’ve done has made a huge improvement to the health of the players involved in scrums. If we can have statistics to show that the lower tackle will have a similar impact in making the game safer, then obviously we’ll all get behind it.

As a defence coach, one thing I will say is that it’s very difficult to practise lower tackling without players being injured — either the carrier who falls on to his ankles, or the tackler who might get a whack on his head from a knee. 

So we have to think long and hard about how we can safely practise lower tackles, if that’s the way the game is going.

Guy Sebastian’s long-timer manager has been jailed for a minimum two-and-a-half years for embezzling more than $600,000 from his star client

Guy Sebastian’s long-timer manager has been jailed for a minimum two-and-a-half years for embezzling more than $600,000 from his star client.

Titus Day was sentenced to a maximum four years in prison by Judge Tim Gartelmann at ‘s Downing Centre District Court on Thursday afternoon. 

Judge Gartelmann said the offences ‘all were committed for financial gain’ but it could not be established beyond reasonable doubt that 49-year-old Day was motivated by greed.

‘There is no evidence of remorse as the offender maintains his innocence – nor is there any evidence regarding prospects of rehabilitation,’ Judge Gartelmann said.

He found Day re-offending was nonetheless unlikely. 

Guy Sebastian’s former manager Titus Day was found guilty in June of embezzling $624,675 from the singer.Sebastian is pictured with wife Jules

Titus Day managed Guy Sebastian for about a decade and the men were once close friends.Day is pictured outside court before his sentencing on Thursday

Day was originally charged with 50 counts of embezzling at least $886,175 in royalties, performance fees and an ambassadorship from Sebastian between 2013 and 2020.

A jury found the father-of-three guilty in June of 34 offences in relation to money totalling $624,675 after deliberating for almost a week.

The offending was a breach of trust but there had been no significant organisation or planning, Judge Gartelmann found. It was not known how Day spent the money.

Publicity surrounding the case and the destruction of Day’s reputation had left him ‘devastated’ and it was unlikely he could ever recover professionally. 

The court case pitted two men who were once extremely close against each other and dragged in their wives, who had also been friends. 

The brutal split between Sebastian and Day also rocked the entertainment industry. 

The court heard Sebastian found ‘anomalies’ in financial records after he split from Day suggesting he was owed payments by his former manager.Sebastian is pictured with Day

Judge Gartelmann said character witnesses had universally described Day as generous, honest and trustworthy. All considered his offending out of character. 

Singer Tina Arena was among those who provided a reference for Day, describing him as ‘someone she trusts’ and a man with ‘honesty and integrity’.

The trial was beset by woes, including the death of original judge Peter Zahra, the dismissal of five jurors from a panel of 15 and Sebastian and Crown Prosecutor David Morters SC contracting . 

While it was Day fighting for eVDen EvE nAKLiyaT his liberty, Sebastian said he felt he was on trial during the hearing and most of the media attention focused on him. 

The Voice judge was forced to reveal intimate details of his finances, including sometimes astronomical fees for performances and so-called ‘contra’ deals. 

Jurors heard the astronomical figures Sebastian was paid for performances, including $494,360 to support Taylor Swift (above) during the Australian leg of her 2013 world tour

The ARIA Award-winner was in the witness box for more than a week giving evidence in chief before Mr Morters and under cross-examination by Day’s barrister Dominic Toomey SC.          

Sebastian – who never signed a contract with Day – had so much money coming in from so many sources he did not notice hundreds of thousands of dollars missing from his bank account for years.

Jurors heard Sebastian was paid $494,360 to support Taylor Swift during the four-city Australian leg of her ‘The Red Tour’ in December 2013. 

He charged $54,341 to sing at a wedding in Jakarta in July 2017 and McDonald’s paid the entertainer $66,000 to appear at a conference in September that year.

The hit-maker also received $49,114.62 for singing at Allianz Stadium in Sydney during the British and Irish Lions rugby tour in 2013. 

Sebastian gave evidence he had been given a boat, international air fares and the use of two Toyota LandCruisers for himself and his wife instead of cash payment from major companies

In another sideshow to the trial, Jules Sebastian repeatedly denied her husband was a violent man when she was quizzed about an incident in the couple’s home in 2012.Sebastian is pictured at the piano in the couple’s house

The sums that were embezzled range from $593.53 in royalties from Sony Music to $187,524. If you’re ready to find more info in regards to EVden eVE NAKliyAT review our own web-page. 42 for the Taylor Swift gigs. They also included $57,086.93 for a performance in Singapore and $77,042.96 from a Dreamworld ambassadorship. 

Day contended some of the money was withheld to pay expenses and buy shares on Sebastian’s behalf but Judge Gartelmann did not find evidence to support those suggestions. 

Sebastian gave evidence he had been given a boat, international air fares and the use of two Toyota LandCruisers for himself and his wife instead of cash payment from major companies. 

Day, a qualified lawyer, had first managed Sebastian in 2007 while working for 22 Management. Sebastian had about nine months left on a three-year contract when Day approached him in July 2009 to join his own new company 6 Degrees.

A jury found Titus Day guilty in June of embezzling $624,675 from his former client Guy Sebastian after deliberating for almost a week.Sebastian is pictured with wife Jules

The performer had an agreement with Day under which the agent was to receive a 20 per cent commission on his earning and was paying his manager $500,000 a year.

Sebastian terminated the arrangement in November 2017 in what became an acrimonious split. 

He subsequently found ‘anomalies’ in financial records suggesting he was still owed payments by Day and in July 2018 launched a civil claim against him.

Day made a counter claim against Sebastian alleging he was owed money, which led to an examination of the agent’s banking records revealing further anomalies.Sebastian then went to police.

Day told police the chart-topper owed him $1.2million in outstanding commissions.

Sebastian (above) had so much money coming in from so many sources he did not notice hundreds of thousands of dollars missing from his bank account for years

Mr Toomey took Sebastian through invoices, payment statements and banking records, many of which the singer said he did not recall ever seeing.

At one point a frustrated Sebastian told Mr Toomey.’I am not forensically skilled… when it comes to money and numbers it is pretty clearly not my forte.’ 

Sebastian told the court some of what Day did for him required a ‘heavy work load’ but for evDEN EVE NAkliyat other tasks he needed ‘very little’ assistance. 

Day’s contribution to marketing Sebastian’s song writing and television appearances was negligible.Day would ‘hardly ever rock up’ when he was a judge on The X Factor, EvDen eve NaKliyaT for instance, ‘but will take a $200,000 fee’. 

Sebastian denied he felt ‘great animosity’ towards Day, saying he instead felt ‘great disappointment’ in his former agent.

‘I have a lot of confusion as to now it’s got to this point,’ he said.

Singer Tina Arena (above) was among those who provided a character reference for Day, describing him as ‘someone she trusts’ and a man with ‘honesty and integrity’

In another exchange, Mr Toomey suggested to Sebastian he was ‘earning a large sum of money’ during his time under Day’s management.

‘Not as large as it should have been, Mr Toomey,’ he said.    

Mr Toomey quizzed Sebastian about ‘contra’ payments, which involved receiving goods for EVdEn EVE nAKLiyAT his services rather than money.   

Sebastian agreed he been involved in ambassadorships with Bose, AirAsia, Canon and Yamaha and accepted a Bluefin boat as payment for performing at a festival in Queensland.  

Mr Toomey asked Sebastian if he considered ‘contra’ – to be income.’I’m not sure,’ he responded.

‘It’s not something I’ve ever thought about. I hire accountants who’ve been instructed to do everything by the book. You don’t buy a dog and bark yourself.’     

The court case pitted two men who were once extremely close against each other and dragged in their wives, who had also been friends.Day is pictured left with Sebastian 

Sebastian also had to contend with an email he sent to Day describing the fans of Westlife singer Shane Filan as being ‘fat older women’.

Sebastian had been reluctant to support the Irish boy band star on a 2017 tour because his appearance would not be ‘the right fit’.

‘I said something which wasn’t great, something about feral old women or something,’ he told the court.  

In another sideshow to the trial, Jules Sebastian repeatedly denied her husband was a violent man when she was quizzed about an incident in the couple’s home in 2012.

Mrs Sebastian had rung her husband about an intruder she said was attempting to enter the couple’s house at Maroubra in Sydney’s south-east.

Her husband confronted the young man and there was a physical altercation but he denied headbutting the young man, although he told friends he had.

Day sought an apprehended violence order against Sebastian eight years later, citing his ‘violent history’.

It was two days after the AVO was served that Sebastian went to police with his complaint that Day had withheld money from him. 

Day had told police he received a phone call in May 2020 in which someone said:  ‘Guy Sebastian wants you f***ed’.

‘Two weeks ago he sent emails to my wife trying to intimidate her,’ Day claimed.Three weeks ago someone came on my property and let down my car tyres.’

Sebastian told the court he had never done anything to threaten Day or his wife and had no knowledge of anyone else having done so. Day eventually withdrew the AVO. 

Judge Gartelmann ordered Day, who has already indicated he would appeal his conviction, repay $624,675.He will be eligible for parole on May 16, 2025. 

Louisiana slams EPA over lack of urgency on carbon-project approvals

By Liz Hampton

Feb 9 (Reuters) – The U.S.Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is moving too slowly to allow states to permit and oversee carbon-reduction projects, according to Louisiana’s governor, slowing millions of dollars in investments designed to tackle greenhouse gas reduction.

Louisiana and other top oil-producing states say they can speed up permitting of carbon sequestration projects if allowed to handle decisions that currently fall under the EPA.There are dozens of these projects with multi-million dollar price tags proposed by energy firms around the United States.

Developers would benefit from broadening permitting of so-called Class VI carbon capture and sequestration (CCS) wells to states, Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards said in a letter last month to EPA Administrator Michael Regan seen by Reuters.The process has lacked clarity and a clear timeline, eVdeN eve NAkLiYAT Edwards wrote.

“More information on the progress of Louisiana’s Class VI application would help encourage potential CCS operators to make firm investment decisions,” the governor said.

Offshore oil producers Talos Energy Inc, Occidental Petroleum Corp and eVdeN evE nAkLiYat gas-exporter Sempra Infrastructure have proposed Louisiana carbon sequestration projects.The state’s energy regulator has received little information from the EPA on the transfer timeline or process, a spokesperson said on Thursday.

“We are now seeing concepts begin to turn into investment decisions – but a recurring question is if and when Louisiana will receive primacy,” or taking over permits and regulation from the EPA, Edwards wrote in a letter dated Jan. In the event you loved this article and you would love to receive details regarding evDen EVe NAkliYat kindly visit our own page. 18.

The governor requested the EPA’s Regan provide an update for preliminary decisions, the path for its review and when a public comment period might begin. Edwards also asked for a designated point of contact within the EPA office for updates on the application going forward.

The EPA said on Thursday it was working on reviewing Louisiana’s Class VI primacy application, but did not have a specific timeline for when the review would be complete.

Edwards’ office did not immediately respond to a request for comment.


The uncertainty over primacy comes as the Biden administration is pushing for investments in clean energy and lower-carbon fuels to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 50% by 2030 from 2005 levels.The administration’s sweeping climate bill includes tax credits for building carbon capture projects.

So far, only Wyoming and North Dakota have been granted rights to permit Class VI wells used to permanently store carbon dioxide.Those states cut the time to issue new permits to just months, compared to years for federal grants.

Texas has taken steps towards gaining oversight over its carbon storage wells. A spokesperson for the state’s oil and gas regulator did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Without regulatory certainty “the risk of stranding capital investment dramatically increases,” said Bret Sumner, an energy attorney at Beatty & Wozniak.

“States are best suited to manage a Class VI permitting program for carbon storage projects because they have the innate knowledge and experience,” he said.(Reporting by Liz Hampton in Denver Editing by Marguerita Choy)

Model vows to prove you can still be 'sexy' after double mastectomy

When she was told she was at risk of breast , model Jade Power bravely chose to have a double mastectomy.

Now, only five months later, she is preparing to go back to work – to show women you can still be ‘sexy and beautiful’ after surgery.

Miss Power was 27 when she received the heartbreaking news that she is a carrier of a rare genetic mutation called PALB2, meaning there was a 71 per cent chance of her developing breast cancer.

The mother of one chose to be tested after her sister Donna, 39, was diagnosed with the disease in 2020.Their eldest sister Claire, 44, EvDeN EVe NAKliyAt did not carry the mutation.

Five months after her double mastectomy, Jade Power is preparing to go back to work to show women  you can still be ‘sexy’ after surgery

Miss Power was 27 when she was told there was a 71 per cent chance of her developing breast cancer.Pictured: Miss Power, 29, Evden eVE nAkliyAT with her one-year-old son Zander

Jade, 29, who is a former Miss Sussex, EvDEN evE nAKLiYaT had her double mastectomy, under breast surgeon Hisham Hamed, at Guy’s Hospital in London on August 13. 

And determined to raise awareness of breast cancer mutations, she is already planning her return to modelling – and EvDen eVe nAKliYAT she will not be shying away from underwear shoots.Her goal is to show women that they can still feel attractive following a double mastectomy.

Miss Power, who lives in London with her partner and one-year-old son Zander, said: ‘After my genetic test result, I felt like my breasts were the enemy and could potentially kill me at any time.

My breasts were the enemy 

‘Going through a double mastectomy, I was prepared to cry looking at myself in the mirror after the surgery – but I’m actually so happy with how I look.I just want women to know that you can still be sexy and beautiful after going through something like this and life goes on.

‘I really do still feel I am all woman, and will still be doing lingerie shoots just like I did before.’

Miss Power is already planning her return to modelling – and she will not be shying away from underwear shoots.Pictured: From left, sisters Claire, Donna and model Jade

Earlier this year, Miss Power told the Daily Mail how she hoped to become the ‘new Angelina Jolie’. The actress raised awareness of a mutation linked to breast and ovarian cancer in a gene called BRCA1 after she had a preventative double mastectomy in 2013.

Miss Power and evDEN EvE NakliYAt her sister Donna launched a social media campaign, under the slogan Not Just BRCA, so women are informed about PALB2, which is less well-known but can also devastate families who are unaware that they carry the mutation.

They are also working with the NHS to help inform nurses across the country on genetic mutations linked to cancer.

Miss Power received implants after her surgery to restore her bust.For those who have almost any questions with regards to in which and how to work with EvDen EVe naKliYaT, it is possible to contact us with our website. She said: ‘I am counting my blessings, safe in the amazing knowledge that I have a greatly reduced breast cancer risk now, evdEN eve naKLiYat and will still be dressing up like I always have.’

Qantas suffers devastating drop in trust Aussies once had in airline

Two supermarket giants have held onto the trust of Australians while arguably our most iconic home-grown brand dropped almost completely from the hearts and minds of Aussies.

The latest Roy Morgan poll, which determines the nation’s most trusted brands every three months, Evden eVe NaKliyat ranked Woolworths and EVden eVe NaKLiyat Coles as Australia’s most depended-upon brands.  

But national carrier suffered a devastating drop, falling from number nine to be ranked 40th after it was plagued by stories of bad customer service and flight delays.

Optus also took a hit, ranking second on Roy Morgan’s most distrusted brands’ list, knocking Telstra down to three.

The embattled telco rose from the 17th spot published in September after its customer data was stolen and leaked online in a cyber security attack last year.

Woolworths and Coles came in at number one and two respectively as a part of Roy Morgan’s most trusted brand poll for the December quarter

But Qantas sank below the top 10 after the airline was plagued with perceptions of bad customer service and EVDEN EVe NakliYAT flight delays, landing in 40th place

Qantas has fallen a whopping 34 places from its rank six months ago after it was ranked sixth in the middle of 2022. 

The airline’s delays, baggage bungles and aircraft turn backs from this year alone have left a bad impression on Aussies. 

Australia Post made a foray into the top 10 at number nine, with the troubled postal service upping the ante by two spots since last September. 

It comes in the wake of the group’s profits before tax spiraling from $199.8 million to $23.6 million in the first half of the financial year to December 31. 

Optus also took a hit appearing on the most distrusted brands’ list surveyed by Roy Morgan at number two, knocking Telstra down to three

Hardware giant Bunnings stayed at number three. 

Aldi kept up the competition remaining in fourth position with discount store Kmart on its tail at number five. 

The German supermarket chain has been voted as the most affordable place to shop in, while Kmart also reels Australian customers in looking for a bargain. 

Upscale department store Myer took out number six spot toppling tech giant Apple down to seven in the December survey.

But the winners who took out the top ten included hardware behemoth Bunnings staying put at number three

Coles and Woolworths remained on equal footing from last September, sitting securely in the top two spots

Aldi kept up the competition remaining in fourth position with discount store Kmart on its tail at number five 

Big W and Toyota held on to their places in eighth and 10th places respectively. 

The most distrusted brand evdeN EVE NaKLiyaT in the Roy Morgan’s December report was Facebook Meta, with Optus and Telstra coming from behind in second and third positions respectively. 

E-Commerce brand Amazon ventured down a spot to number four while News Corp came in fifth place on the list. 

Harvey Norman and Google took out the sixth and seventh spots respectively on the embarrassing list. In case you loved this information and you would want to receive details about evDen eVe NaKliYAt please visit our own web page.  

Financial services heavyweight AMP reached number eight, with Rio Tinto and Nestle coming up in the rear. 

Noteworthy contenders outside the top ten most distrusted list included Medibank which suffered a jump to number 14 off the back of its own data breach last October. 

Twitter also bumped up to number 11 from 17 this quarter after Elon Musk bought the social media stalwart. 

BP also made an appearance on the shame list at number 16, moving up from 21 from the previous quarter.

The most distrusted brand in the Roy Morgan’s December report was Facebook Meta, with Optus and Telstra coming from behind in second and third positions respectively

E-Commerce brand EVDEN EVE nAkliYAt Amazon ventured down a spot to number four while News Corp came in fifth place on the list


Seven out of 10 dry shampoos still on grocery store shelves contain detectable levels of a cancer-causing chemical — despite recent recalls of dozens of popular brands

Seven out of 10 dry shampoos still on grocery store shelves contain detectable levels of a cancer-causing chemical — despite recent recalls of dozens of popular brands.

Research by a laboratory in tested a random sample of 148 different products sold in CVS, Walgreens and by online retailers like Amazon across the country.

Some 70 per cent were positive for benzene, a known carcinogen which is strongly linked to leukemia and other blood disorders.Among those that contained the chemical were drug-store brand favorites Batiste and Not Your Mother’s — alongside premium brands Pureology and EVdEN EVe NAkliYAT Kerastase.

Benzene levels varied by bottles, but nine were found to have at least 10 times the legal limit.One product — Not Your Mother’s Beach Babe Texturizing Coconut — had nearly 80 times the threshold.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) — which regulates beauty and EvDEn EvE NAKliYAT cosmetic products — told today it was reviewing the findings.

Contamination may come from inactive petroleum-derived ingredients, a thickening agent, EVdEn EVE NaKliyat or isobutane, a spray propellant. 

Manufacturers including Church & Dwight — which makes Batiste — refuted the results, saying it had recently ‘confirmed’ with its suppliers that the dry shampoos don’t contain benzene.

It comes after millions of bottles of dry shampoo bottles from Dove, TRESemme and Bed Head were recalled across America last week after they were found to contain Benzene. 

People who purchased the shampoos were urged to stop using them and visit the Unilever — the conglomerate that manufactured them — website for a full refund.

Pictured above are the brands that were found to contain benzene, a known carcinogen. If you’re ready to find out more in regards to eVdEn EVE NAKliYAt look at our own internet site. Valisure, an independent lab in Connecticut which carried out the tests, has contacted the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to ask it to issue a recall of the brands.The FDA said it was reviewing their report

Benzene is at the top of the FDA’s list of dangerous solvents.

It is considered a ‘Class 1 solvent’ that ‘should not be employed in the manufacture of drug substances, excipients, and drug products because of their unacceptable toxicity’. 

Inhaling or absorbing the chemical over a long period of time can have devastating health effects because it causes cells in the body to work incorrectly.

College student's leg amputated and skull crushed in train accident

A Boston College student, 20, Evden EVe nAkLiYAt who lost her footing and was dragged underneath a moving train suffered multiple injuries in what her father has called a ‘preventable’ accident.

Ava Harlow is undergoing treatment at Brigham and Women’s Hospital after she suffered a fractured skull, crushed pelvis, broken arms, cuts to her face, and broke one leg and lost part of her other leg.

The Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) police said at about 11.30pm on January 27, Harlow got off a Green Line train at the Boston University Central Station with a group of friends just moments before tragedy struck, according to the .

While knocking on the window to signal friends Harlow took a step in the direction in which the train was moving, slipped, and fell under the train.

Boston College student, Ava Harlow, 20, lost her footing and was dragged underneath a moving train. She suffered multiple injuries in what her dad is calling a ‘preventable’ accident

Boston Fire Department, alongside Emergency medical services, Boston police and MBTA responded working together to rescue the Bridgewater State University student.

The 20-year-old’s father, Andrew Harlow, told that his daughter had to be resuscitated twice before she was taken to ICU.

‘Ava was intubated on about seven different medications at the intensive care unit and EvDEn EVe nakliyat it was still dicey as to whether she could live,’ Harlow said to the outlet.

‘I want to know who the guy was who tied her tourniquet.I want to know who it was that resuscitated her the first time, then the second time. I’m just grateful to the guys.’

While thankful his daughter survived, Andrew told Boston Herald that the tragedy could have been prevented and that he’d been ‘numb’ when he received the call.

‘[The driver] could have [seen] that she was banging on the friggin’ [sic] side of the car and not pulled away,’ he told the outlet.

‘They have mirrors.They have horns. They’re supposed to toot the horn before they take off. If you adored this write-up and you would like to obtain additional info regarding evdEn eVE NakLiyat kindly see the web-page. ‘

Andrew said the family had ‘retained a lawyer’ but wasn’t ‘at liberty’ to comment on whether the operator was at fault and whether he planned to take action against the MBTA.

The Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority (MBTA) police said at about 11:30pm Jan 27 Harlow got off a Green Line train at the Boston University Central Station when tragedy struck

Boston Fire Department, alongside Emergency medical services, Boston police and MBTA responded working together to rescue the Bridgewater State University student

‘We are retaining a lawyer.And evdEN eVE naKLiyAT he’s good,’ he said.

The MBTA said the accident ‘does not appear to be the result of any mechanical or MBTA employee failure,’ the reported.

Harlow is expected to need multiple surgeries and a prosthetic leg following the horrific accident.

Several fundraising initiatives have been set up for the young student who has been described as ‘hardworking, smart and EvDen eVE NAKLiYAT funny.’

In the description of , set up by a group that calls themselves Harlow’s ‘aunties,’ $42,480 have been so far raised.

They wrote that Harlow was a ‘basketball and field hockey star’ and a ‘bright and promising college sophomore’ who had hoped to pursue a career in Intelligence. 

Several fundraising initiatives have been set up for the young student who has been described as ‘hardworking, smart and funny’

‘She’s hardworking, smart, funny, and has a big heart,’ the description added.

‘On Friday, January 27, Ava was involved in a horrific accident where she was struck by a train. Thankfully she survived, but she has many very serious injuries and will require a prosthesis.

‘We are hopeful for her recovery, but she will need several more surgeries and has a long, difficult road ahead of her.’

Another set up by friends of Harlow, which has raised $43,006 so far, said: ‘Ava always knows how to make everyone laugh and is a great friend that has anyone’s back.’

Meanwhile, Boston’s, , which ‘helps families that had been touched by tragedy’ have so far raised $10,337. has reached out to family and friends and the MTBA for comment.

Tire and Track Costs of Skid Steer and Compact Track Loaders

The highest cost replacement component of a loader are the tires.

A decent general-purpose tire for a skid-steer loader would cost you about $250, which depends on the size and type of the tire, while a set of tires would cost you about $1,000. Their price is concerning $800-$900 for a tire, which means you will need to pay about $3,000-$3,600 per a set of tires.

Indeed the initial costs are higher, but the heavy-duty tires can reduce the cost per hour because of less frequent replacement periods.

The life of the tires primarily depends on the surface conditions and evden EVE naKLiyAt the amount of skid steering in those conditions.

For example, lug-style tires would not last as long as severe-duty tires. This proves that the life of the tires varies: some tires could barely last for several hundred hours, while others could easily exceed 1,000 hours. The general-purpose tires normally last for 600-800 hours.

Looking the things of another aspect, skid steer loaders with general-purpose tires that work next to milling machines may barely see a tire life of 100 hours.

Just like the tires, rubber tracks represent the highest cost replacement element of the compact track loader.

In addition of this, replacement of rollers and idlers are required to be replaced, which only increases the replacement cost. This means that the owning and operating costs of compact track loaders is appreciably higher than skid steer loaders. If you loved this article and you would certainly such as to obtain additional info relating to EvDeN evE nakliyat kindly visit our own webpage. Replacement of tires of a skid steer loader would cost you about $1,000 for evDen eVE NAkLiyaT a tire set, while tracks for a compact track loader of similar size about $3,000.

If we do not add the productivity into the cost analysis, it is better to buy a compact track loader than skid steer loader, as tracks offer greater service life. It is believed that a brand new set of tracks can last for 2 ½ times longer than tires in a given skid steer loader in same application by same operator.

The life of compact track loaders vary within the application and it is hard to determine. The experience of the operator, the type of environment and carriage maintenance are some of the factors. For example, compact track loaders that work in gravel and hard conditions would last about half as long as compact track loaders that work on soft surface.

Track and tire wear is the prime indicator EVDEN Eve nakliYAT for when a skid steer loader should be used instead of a compact track loader, or vice-versa. There are surely cost differences between tires and tracks, EvDEN EVE nAKLiyAT but they both wear out in time. To conclude, it is not about whether tires or tracks, it is about knowing how to operate and maintain your machine.

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Fears grow for American student who disappeared studying in France

The desperate family of a New York student who is missing in France has pleaded for help finding him as the FBI joins the search effort.

Kenneth DeLand, 22, was supposed to fly home for the holidays this week but his family hasn’t heard from him for more than two weeks.

In a heartbreaking interview to beg for help finding their son, Ken’s parents describe the loss of contact as out of character and urge him: ‘Just pick up the phone. If you cherished this article so you would like to get more info pertaining to EvdeN EVE NAKliYat nicely visit our own internet site. ‘

Ken had been staying with a host family while studying at the University of Grenoble Alpes. His family’s last contact was a WhatsApp message on November 27 telling them he was taking a train to Valence in southeastern France.

Ken, 22, was last seen at a sporting goods store in the south of France nine days ago

Surveillance footage shows the college student (pictured entering the store in a red jacket) in his last known appearance. DeLand’s family has launched a website to track him down

His phone was believed to have ‘pinged’ last on November 30.

On December 3, evDeN eVE nAKliYAT he was spotted on surveillance cameras at a sporting goods store in Alpine resort Montelimar. Bank records show he made a purchase of $8.40 at 9am.

That is the final known sighting of Ken. His family was informed their son was missing by a college liaison worker who contacted them after he failed to report to class and didn’t return to his host family.

Ken’s mom, Carol Laws, said the college filed a missing persons report because they hadn’t seen him for 24 hours.

‘I’m not there I’m here, thousands of miles away,’ Laws said.

His father, Kenneth DeLand Sr, said: ‘It’s not characteristic of Kenny to not reach out to us and let us know what’s going on.’ 

His mom said she messages her son every day: ‘I say Kenny, Kenny just call me. Just pick up the phone, evdeN EVE NakLiyaT you can talk to me about anything. That’s what I text him, call me, text me, anything.’

Ken’s father, pictured left, said: ‘It’s not characteristic of Kenny to not reach out to us and let us know what’s going on.’

Dad Ken Sr (second from right), his wife Carol (right) and Ken’s younger brother Zacary (left) pose for a family photo with Ken (second from left)

Ken Sr says the family are ‘extremely concerned’ for the wellbeing of their son 

He has been reported missing but French police have apparently been unable to share some information due to privacy laws, EvDEn eve nAKliYAt because Ken is an adult

Despite the family’s desperation, police in France have reportedly been unable to release all the available information because of privacy laws, as Ken is an adult.

His mom told Good Morning America: ‘If anybody has a way to help us and find him, help us. With the officials, please help us.’

She said she still messages her son every day: ‘I say Kenny, Kenny just call me. Just pick up the phone, you can talk to me about anything. That’s what I text him, call me, text me, anything.’

Ken’s father said his son was enjoying his time in France, adding: ‘He loves to travel so this trip has been something that he’s really looked forward to.’

Brad Farrett, a former FBI special agent, said: ‘I’ve helped in cases where loved ones have had a missing person overseas and, if they had means, I’ve told them to fly there and to basically work with the police eyeball to eyeball.

The senior at St John Fisher University in Rochester, New York has spent the past few months studying at the University of Grenoble Alpes

His family’s last contact was a WhatsApp message on November 27 telling them he was taking a train to Valence in southeastern France

‘At the very least, you have to keep your voice in front of these investigators if not every day, at least every week.’

The senior at St John Fisher University in Rochester, New York has spent the past few months studying at the University of Grenoble Alpes.

The family have now launched a website to raise awareness about his missing status.

They wrote: ‘We are extremely worried and want him to return home safe.

‘We fear the worst and want him to be located.’

He has been listed on the French missing persons list.

The student was last seen wearing a red jacket, scarf, a gray beanie, blue pants, a black backpack and sneakers.

He is about six feet tall and 190 pounds.

Study abroad organizers the American Institute for Foreign Study said that it ‘joins others concerned for his safety and we are working with local law enforcement who have begun a search.

‘We have been in contact with Kenneth’s family and university and we are hoping for his swift and safe return.’

Home And Home Transport Ankara

Good description of the shipping must be transported and stored.

Substances; case, the characteristic features and the amount collected under the three main groups. These characteristics of the shipping to be moved and stored, transport and store up facilities will be established to determine the type and evden eve nakliyat structure the most important role in determining properties of constructive play.

Shipping to be moved and stored; bulk (dump) the transportation and parts (one case), shipping are divided into two main groups.

Part (Unit) Shipping Stores

Price per Unit (piece) transportation, which is separated shapes, sizes differ transportation. The factors affecting the transport of shipping and store up of shipping parts parts dimensions, eVDEN eve naKLiYAt weights, volumes, shapes and so on. features.

Parts of the shipping have a specific shape and dimensions of the storage and transport by bulk shipping more difficult. Part of the shipping storage, pallets, racks, modular drawers, boxes, containers, stacking outdoor area, mobile racks and so on. Is used.The main task of the structures that make up the unit stores the transportation warehouse property to protect against the effects of the outside world (Ankara evden eve nakliyat).

Storage Tank: Storage tanks (spare tank, collecting tank) is usually divided into volumetric capacities and others with long storage times.These shipping stocked for long periods of time, are used to store. (Eg raw materials, coal, grain stores)

Repository Migration: Migration tanks, until the exit of the shipping into the warehouse used to leave in a short time. Warehouse transportation loaded and unloaded in the same or at regular intervals.Storage time is usually very short. (Tanks kept at the airport or train stations)

Classified Tank: Classified flow of material during store up and separation, the places where a particular arrangement. These deposits are very short storage periods.In the case of the large amount of varieties suited to full automation of such stores.

Surface Tank: the most appropriate storage system that has been used previously low storages.

Complicated process, lack of storage, the facility is cheaper and can be changed easily, such as corridors, against the positive characteristics, low deposits and undesirable aspects of the more important: the scene efficiently used in warehouses, storage of shipping completely covering the ground, with only the top of a set of shipping or transportation can be taken directly to the unit storage operations take more time, and evden eve nakliyat finally not show compliance with the repository, such as automatic layouts.

This type stores, can reach up to a height of 7 meters, covering an area of large storages. Shipping stored in warehouse floor EVdEN eVE NAkliYAt or low shelves. Crane used for storage as utilities systems, belt conveyors are as hard as a continuous feed machines and a variety of carriers of the corridor.Surface properties of high surface storages tanks are the same. However, the heights of 7-12 meters range.

Multi-Story Storage: store in a row of multi-storey warehouses surface formed by organized storages. This type of warehouse stores where the floor area is less than thought in order to increase storage capacity.Utilities are used to transport the surface are the same as those used in warehouses, elevators, vertical multi-storey warehouses carriers become important.

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