Thor M2 Laser Pointer

The Thor M2 laser pen an easy-to-use, rechargeable pen that points at video or projected targets. The lightweight and compact design makes it easy to carry around. It comes with five interchangeable tips as well as two rechargeable battery packs and the cord. It comes with a carrying case for convenience. The device can be used to entertain guests , or teach children. A Do Not Apply sticker comes with the purchase of this unit.

The output of the Thor M2 is 1W. The spot isn’t circular, but follows the shape of the laser diode. The 3w version is a little slower following the switch-on, but the 1.6w version is activated instantly. The model is powered by two 16340 batteries. You might consider another model if you need a laser pointer that has an ability to focus.

The Thor M2 laser pointer is a great option if you need a strong pointer that does not waste your money. Its design makes it easy to adjust the beam’s focus. The Thor M2’s high output lets you to target different areas of the target area. Thor M2 is suitable for indoor and outdoor presentations. It can be used with a tripod or gimbal.

The Thor M2 is a great option for classrooms, business meetings, as well as other special events. The M2’s power output is high, making it ideal for teaching or to give presentations to large groups. The 1.6W model has a timer to turn it on. This is a better option for traveling since it can be carried with in your bag and still use it afterward. A tripod is useful for carrying the device.

The Thor M2 laser pointer is a great option for classroom use. It comes in various colors that make it easier to locate the area you want to target. It can be put on a table and then held comfortably. It is easy to hold. Thor M2 has a one-year warranty that is a great choice for those who don’t want to put themselves at risk by damage to their equipment. The Thor M2 also has an auto-shutoff functionthat is different from other models.

The Thor M2 comes with an 1.6-watt output and an output of 3W. Even though the spot isn’t circular, the laser has exactly the same as the laser diode. The 3W version of this model is slightly delayed, while the 1.6W version can be activated immediately. Thor M2 Thor M2 uses two 16340 batteries. It is easy to find a cheap and useful one on eBay or on a discussion board.

The power output of the Thor M2 is one Watt. The spot isn’t a circular shape however it’s exactly the form of the laser diode. The 3W version is equipped with an automatic switch that turns off and on, while the 1.6W version has a delay. Neither of the two has integrated focus. While both versions have a button, you can simply squeeze one on one over the other in order to determine the correct setting.

Thor M2 Thor M2 has a 1.6-watt output, making it one of the first lasers to have a one-watt output. While the light isn’t circular, it’s still a reflection of the specific shape of the diode. The three-watt model takes a while in turning on , while the 1.6-watt model is instantly on. Both models come with built-in focusing however the three-watt model has.

The Thor M2’s safety features are an important feature. The device is designed to be a safe device. It has been reported multiple times due to its energy level. The warning label that is on the laser’s pointer provides important information regarding its use. It displays the length of the laser’s beam and Thor M2 warns people not to gaze at the beam. The light could be extremely high-intensity and may cause damage to other objects.

The Thor M2 is an excellent tool for presentations. The M2’s powerful laser and high-quality design make it an excellent tool to present. The Thor M2 laser pointer is able to be used for presenting to large groups. It’s simple to use and includes a protective lens. It is able to withstand the toughest of circumstances. The low-powered red light allows you to see more details on the screen. It’s also sturdy, which makes it perfect for meeting rooms.

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